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Sunset Fishing & Beach Grilling in Martha's Vineyard

One of my favorite ways to spend an evening in Martha's Vineyard is fishing on the shore with my friend Al. We bring out our boats, venture out to a narrow strip of land that separates the bracket from the ocean, and we spend some relaxing time together. As the suns sets, we like to cook and eat our catch. It's these kinds of moments that make me feel truly happy.

A Tasty Hawaiian and Korean Twist at Marination Ma Kai | Out and About: Seattle

What do you get when you pair two unique cuisines: Hawaiian and Korean? You get a tasty twist. Right on the docks, where commuters connect from train to ferry, one can eat at Marination Ma Kai. Founded by Kamala and Roz, this establishment has four locations throughout Seattle. There is a beautiful view and some great food. What more could one want in a meal?

Southern Roots and Fried Chicken at Okra | Out and About: Phoenix

In the Sonoran Desert sits a restaurant with some of the best fried chicken I've had, which was an unexpected treat. Chef Cullen Campbell grew up in Tennessee, and after focusing on Italian food at Crudo, he has returned to his Southern roots with Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails to deliver a delicious array of dishes.

A Family Tradition at Captain Pell's | Out and About: Virginia

In 1987, my friend Kelly began eating Maryland blue crabs at Captain Pell's Fairfax Crabhouse. Today, the restaurant is still being run by the children of the original owner, and they are experts in both seafood and family tradition. Kelly and her family flew to Virginia to show me what it's all about, and I can easily say that it was an entertaining and heartwarming experience.

Former Marine Charissa Howard - A Story of Incredible Kindness.

I love making people laugh. I love feeding people. I love being a light to someone's day. I have always believed that there is a "recipe for life," or a personal recipe that, once learned, will feed your soul and nourish your mind. This is the first episode of "Recipes for Life", where we share inspirational stories of people with beautiful life recipes. We filmed with Charissa Howard (known as Reecie), an active Marine for 30 years who now works with Southwest Airlines, and she shared an inspirational story of generosity and kindness. Hope you enjoy! Jon

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