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The Secret to Hawaiian Poke

Hawaii, the awe inspiring 50th state in the US, is much more than a tropical beach paradise sporting rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, and lava rock desserts. Located in the Pacific Ocean, just west of Los Angeles, Hawaii consists of six main islands and is home to a traveler’s paradise for both relaxation and adventure. It owns its complex identity by being a developed tourist summit amidst high rise hotels marking Waikiki Beach and keeping its ancient Polynesian culture intact. We recently visited Oahu, where Hawaiian music, luaus, and mai tais are all up for grabs. Upon arrival, I was immediately full of infectious “aloha” spirit, captured in both greetings and farewells. My first aloha

De-Constructing the Humble Taco

When it comes to food, Los Angeles has no shortage of places to eat. It’s truly a melting pot of cultures and cuisines packed with edible delicacies gifted to us from a city comprising generations of immigrants. On my most recent trip to LA, we were inspired to seek out the humble taco. If the late LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold taught us anything it’s this: your most important restaurants don’t have to be your fanciest. Interestingly, the taco comes from humble roots and LA residents have been indulging in Mexican street food for over 130 years. In fact, by 1901 more than one hundred tamale wagons roamed Los Angeles, each paying a dollar a month for a city business license. The earliest

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