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To those who reside outside Australia, barramundi is an exotic catch. But Down Under, it is the catch of the day, nearly every day, and a prominent star on most seafood menus and home tables alike. Understandably, as the mild white fish lends easily to virtually any flavor palate or side dish without the pungent “fishy” taste and aroma that deter many diners. High in Omega-3, protein and the perfect amount of fat for cooking in a variety of ways, barramundi is a superstar of the seafood world. In the latest episode of “Crystal Cruises Presents: A Culinary Journey Hosted by Chef Jon Ashton,” Jon ventures into Sydney with a mission: to explore the many ways locals prepare and enjoy this favori

How Chef Christopher Kearse Beat the Odds & Mastered His Craft

In an instant, the world as you know it can be changed forever. The majority of us will never realize the true impact of this fact. But Chef Christopher Kearse knows it better than anyone. When he was just 16 years old, his life changed forever after a tragic car accident left him disfigured, along with a pronounced speech impediment. Many people might be tempted to wallow in the associated pain and difficulties following such a traumatic event. Instead, Chris decided to focus on his future. Chris was always interested in cooking, but months in the hospital, while recovering from 30+ surgeries, inspired him to watch hundreds of hours of Food Network on TV. “It spoke to me,” he said during a


Like its World-Renowned Wines, Adelaide’s Honey Ages to Perfection Sometimes you must face some fears to realize greatness. This can be as true in the culinary world as in the realm of superheroes, as I learn in Episode 3 of “Crystal Cruises Presents: Culinary Journeys Hosted by Chef Jon Ashton.” Adelaide: the capital of South Australia and renowned for great wines and magnificent outdoor explorations. It is also the home of some of the world’s best honey. With the guidance of local food expert Mark Gleeson, I brave 20,000 bees – a feat I am less than excited to embark upon – in search of the finest honey in Adelaide. In this venture, I discover the effect of aging batches of honey and just

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